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mill and drive involved. In modern grinding, ball mills and SAG mills are two types of mill commonly found. Grinding mills Ball mills Ball mills vary in their details and size but the basic design consists of a horizontal hollow cylinder, with an abrasion-resistant interior, that rotates about its central axis.

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The SAG Mill is a block added by the EnderIO mod. A machine similar to a Pulverizer or a Macerator. It is used to process resources to produce dust. It accepts energy in the form of Redstone Flux or Minecraft Joule, with an internal buffer of 100,000 RF and consumption of 20 RF per tick.

SAG Mill Grinding Circuit Design

Founded by Dr. Karl Gugel, Digital Control Lab started its life in 1998 as an electronics consulting firm known as DiCon Labs. During the early years, DiCon Lab was contacted by a leading cement manufacturer to replace microphone based systems for real-time mill loading measurements.

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SAG and AG Mills operate by lifting ore/grinding media and dropping it on the operating bed of the mill charge. High impacts from lifting ore and media promote impact breakage which is the primary mechanism for size reduction in the mill.

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Optimizing your SAG mill operation. Posted by Matrix on 21st March 2007 Sanjeev Latchireddi, Chief Process Engineer – Grinding Americas, Outokumpu Technology, looks at the shift from ball mills to SAG mills. Nowadays, the more successful plants are those that have adopted effective and efficient strategies to optimize their plant operation.

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Real-Time Simulation and Control of a SAG Mill. ... But is SAG mill control the exclusive domain of rule-based approaches or can more conventional control techniques be successfully applied? This ...

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2003. APPLICATION AT OK TEDI MINING OF A NEURAL NETWORK . MODEL WITHIN THE EXPERT SYSTEM FOR SAG MILL CONTROL. ABSTRACT. An expert system applied to the control of mineral process unit operations is, by its nature, the site best

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1 Optimization and Control of a Primary SAG Mill Using Real-time Grind Measurement C.W Steyn*, K Keet**, W Breytenbach*** *Control Engineer, Anglo American Platinum, Control and Instrumentation Department, Johannesburg,

Autogenous and Semi-Autogenous Mills

SAG mill #1 load control Plant staff, after extended testing and rigourous data analysis, determined that BrainWave reduced load variability by 14% while increasing production by 1.5%. This was a great success for everyone involved. ... BrainWave: Control solutions for SAG mills ...

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AG/SAG mills are normally used to grind run-offmine ore or primary crusher product. Feed size to the mill is limited to that size which can be practically conveyed and introduced into the mill. The mill product can either be finished size ready for processing, or an intermediate size ready for final grinding in a ball mill, pebble mill, or

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Control of -SemiAutogenous Grinding(SAG) mill weight is an example of an important process that exhibits many of these aspects. Maintaining the SAG mill weight at the optimum value is critical for achieving maximum grind rate efficiency and mill production (Powell, M.S., van der Westhuizen, A.P., & Mainza, A.N. 2009).

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In addition to the new process equipment, the SAG mill was commissioned with all controls implemented on the new PLC software platform. This removed the control strategy limitations previously described. Additional mill control loops and measurements now included: - Mill feed tonnage (automatic PI control – operator or remote set-point from mill

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SAG Mill Control: It Shouldn't be that Hard An economically appealing method for improving operations is available without the capital expense — get more out of a mill by applying the advanced control capabilities in the existing plant control system By Andrew Thornton

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Simplifying wet grinding with AG/SAG mills AG/SAG mills are often the optimum solution for wet grinding (achieved in a slurry 50 to 80 percent solids). AG/SAG mills can accomplish the same size reduction work as two or stages of crushing and screening, a rod mill, and some or all of the work done by a ball mill.


Figures 8 and 9 on the right show results from a gold plant's SAG mill achieved with MillStar's Segregated Ore Feed Controller combined with the Power Optimiser: • The standard deviation of the mill feed control is greatly reduced. • The cyclone feed is more stable, allowing for consistent size separation and feed to downstream processes.


control are discussed. The ROM SAG mill circuit—a brief description The typical ROM SAG mill circuit is depicted in Figure 1. The circuit is usually closed with either a screen or, more commonly, a cyclone for product size classification. The focus of control can be divided into two parts, viz. the

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Description. SAG Mill process control classically maintains the SAG mill volumetric filling within a set operating range. Typically a SAG mill weight measurement, by either bearing pressure transducers or load cells, is used as an inferred measurement of volumetric filling.

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The results in SAG-Mill line 2 are even more dramatic. Because of segregation on the coarse feed stockpile, SAG-mill 2 receives a higher percentage of coarse material. The KnowledgeScape strategy's ability to maintain smooth and stable operation of the mill was more apparent when contrasted to the DCS control on the "difficult" line.

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Advanced Controller for Grinding Mills: Results from a Ball Mill Circuit in a Copper Concentrator ... (SAG) mills. Given this large operational ... The first successfully implemented multivariable process control (MPC) is described for a SAG mill circuit in a bauxite …

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In this case, mill speed is the primary manipulated variable used to control mill load. While there is no generic control strategy for SAG milling there is a considerable amount of reusable engineering. In contrast to an expert or black box system, the control loop approach was built using standard blocks, connected as shown.

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SAG is an acronym for Semi-Autogenous Grinding. SAG mills are autogenous mills but use grinding balls like a ball mill. A SAG mill is usually a primary or first stage grinder. SAG mills use a ball charge of 8 to 21%. The largest SAG mill is 42' (12.8m) in diameter, powered by a 28 MW (38,000 HP) motor.

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Apr 01, 2019· Rockwell Automation joins forces with Manta Controls advanced process control algorithm, the Manta Cube, to achieve operational stability on a closed-loop single stage SAG mill at WA Gold Fields St. Ives gold mine.

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Model Predictive Control for SAG Milling in Minerals Processing | 5 Model Predictive Control on a SAG Mill and Ball Mills The solution for the SAG Mill is an adaptive controller which controls mill load using direct mill weight measurement or indirectly from bearing oil pressure.

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SAG Mill Control at Northparkes Page: 1 SAG Mill Control at Northparkes Mines (Not So Hard After All) A. J. Thornton, Principal Process Control Engineer1 Tom Pethybridge, Production Superintendent – OPD2 Tom Rivett, Process Control Engineer2 Richard Dunn, Metallurgical Superintendent2 1.

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If the SAG mill is not intended to be the rate-limiting step in a process plant, then it is best to adjust the SAG load (and power) to hold a constant tonnage to satisfy another constraint elsewhere. Underground mines are an example: the hoisting capacity of the mine shaft is the rate-limiting step in the process, and the SAG mill must adapt to ...

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platform, the SAG mill's new control system uses a unique process control Gold Fields St Ives SAG mill main feed conveyor with classification tower and hydrocyclone classifiers on top, a key element of the comminution circuit. algorithm called the 'Manta Cube'.

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Therefore the SAG mill speed could not be controlled using the microphone based signal and instead was manually controlled/set by the control room operator. Thus operation/speed of the mill could and would change significantly based on a particular operator running the mill and their overall level of mill operation experience and skill.

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Apr 29, 2002· This paper demonstrates the design of a robust control scheme for a semi-autogenous grinding (SAG) mill. Feedback (FB), feedback plus feedforward (FF) and reduced order (i.e. less complex) robust controllers were all developed and tested—each providing tight control over the SAG mill power draw by adjusting the feed rate to the mill.

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Currently because of hard ore conditions the SAG mill speed is run at in fixed speed mode only. In the future, if soft or fine ore conditions are restored, we will commission rules to control the SAG mill speed. Each decision cycle the expert system will calculate a change in the SAG mill speed set point.

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Using Fuzzy Control to Optimize SAG Mill Production Lynn B. Hales, KnowledgeScape Systems, a Division of EIMCO, Salt Lake City, UTAH Charlie Moquin, KnowledgeScape Systems, a Division of EIMCO, Salt Lake City, UTAH

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SAG mill control is essentially the stabilisation of mill load (and/or power) and density which can be implemented successfully and very cost-effectively on most modern PLC or DCS platforms. The application of advanced regulatory control is a MIPAC speciality which we have applied productively in SAG milling and other mineral beneficiation ...

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Dec 19, 2014· Advantages of SER drives for SAG mills Friday, December 19, 2014 For large mills requiring variable speed, the wound rotor motor and SER drive are economical for a total rating of approximately 2MW to 16MW.

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SAG Mill Control Instability: Causes and Solutions. Oscillatory unstable behaviour in a SAG mill is characterised by the mill constantly cycling between an overload condition and recovery from that condition by a substantial reduction in feed rate tonnes. Such behaviour is commonplace with SAG mills and gives rise to a significant overall ...

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