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World market leader in CBN grinding and a source of inspiration for the entire industry.

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About the CNC Cam Grinder. Designed to grind cam lobes for miniature engines, this small grinder has found its way into many uses in industry besides grinding cams. Software is provided that creates G-code from measurements of a cam lobe entered into a simple spreadsheet.

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Grinding your custom Camshaft Camshaft Grinding Process: The first step is to set up the cam grinding machine for the application that will be performed. ... The profiles are tracked onto the cams, and any custom lobe separations can now be made manually using the headstock. When we bring a lobe center "in" or "tighter," the "power band" is ...

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A High Performance CNC Machine for Grinding Camshaft Profiles G. N. Portas and D. R. Perkins, Cranfield Institute of Technology - Submitted by J. R. Crookall (1) Traditionally the production grinding of camshaft profiles has been mechanically copying from a master campack.

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Camshaft grinding machines CM Series. Combining leading-edge technologies. Enhanced efficiency due to simplified operation. ... Grinding Machine PX3560. An ultra-high-speed,high-precision profile grinder. [NEW] Products Transfer Machines and Special-purpose Machines Crankshaft Miller.

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CNC CAM LOBE GRINDING MACHINE : CNC Cam Lobe Grinding M/c is a very unique and Economical solution for Cam grinding. It is very compact, high precision, very stable for high accuracy production runs of cam shafts with convex and concave cam forms. We have developed dedicated software that generates the coordinator per friction of degree to ...

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Grinding Machine Model. ... Grinding Distributors . Landis CAM LOBE. CNC Cam Lobe Grinder SPECS. CAM LOBE. CNC Cam Lobe Grinder Grinder Type: Cam Grinder Machine Opertaion: CNC CNC Brand: Landis Gardner WORKPIECE ENVELOPE: Grinding: Length: 16.000 Inches ...

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The method permits the cam blank to be hardened before grinding to shape; Depending on the design of the machine, precise phasing of the cam lobes on a one-piece shaft is simplified compared to other methods. Several designs for cam grinding machines have appeared in model engineering magazines (see References). In many cases, the machines have ...

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Low-cost machine production type small camshaft grinding machines suitable for small and general-purpose camshafts These machines can accommodate even small-diameter wheels. Camshaft grinding machines NTG-CMS Series specifications

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India's leading Camshaft manufacturer. Over 36 years of experience in camshaft manufacturing. Supplying camshafts to Clients across the globe and proud to be associated with leading Auto Companies like TAFE, SAME, EICHER

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FINISH GRINDING WITH VITRIFIED CBN WHEELS CAMSHAFT – CAM LOBE GRINDING IN PACKETS FINISH GRINDING WITH VITRIFIED CBN WHEELS In the case of assembled camshafts a newly developed machine concept is used to grind the individual lobes: up to eight lobes can be machined simultaneously with one grinding tool. The lobes are clamped as a package

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Our newest Landis LT1VE camshaft grinder is the latest technology offered in camshaft grinding, and it is the FIRST LT1VE grinder put into use by Landis! With a 350mm grinding wheel, this machine is capable of grinding lobe profiles that can only be achieved with $1+ million camshaft grinders.


May 01, 2009· Four Berco camshaft grinders, a machine for stamping identifying grind numbers on the ends of the camshafts before grinding, a machine for checking the camshaft after grinding (checking straightness, base circle runout, lobe centreline angle, lobe taper and other variables).

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CNC Cam Lobe Grinding Machine is a very unique and Economical solution for Cam grinding. It is very compact, high precision, very stable for high accuracy production runs of cam shafts with convex and concave cam forms.

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Jun 07, 2016· Cam grinding is one of the more complex grinding operations. This is because of the cam's geometry. In standard, cylindrical grinding, such as for producing shafts and pistons, as the workpiece rotates and the wheel plunges in, the material-removal rate and wheel-workpiece contact area are both constant.

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The time to change from one cam lobe design to another and be back up and grinding is less than 10 minutes. Software Compensates for Burn. Another challenge that aftermarket camshaft manufacturers face is the potential for burn in the ramp areas--the area between the base circle and the nose of the camshaft. This ramp area can be almost a ...

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As a global leader in grinding machine technology, Toyoda offers an extensive lineup of high-performance universal, cylindrical, camshaft, and crankshaft grinding machines. Originally designed for high-production automotive manufacturing, these grinders excel in the most demanding applications.

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Apr 01, 2018· Oftentimes, grinding lobes and bearing journals is the final machining operation that completes an engine's camshaft. This is still the case for a number of offerings from Comp Cams, a leading manufacturer of aftermarket camshafts and valvetrain …

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If the entire camshaft is made from "Silver Steel" and hardened then distortion might present bearing alignment problems, especially on multi-cylinder engines. Many builders have gone down this route but have resorted to building specialist-grinding machines to rectify this distortion.

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SCHAUDT Grinding Machines; This is what the SCHAUDT brand represents: Every machine is unique! Cutting-edge technological solutions for cylindrical, noncircular and cam lobe grinding; Global market leadership in the sector of camshaft grinding machines; Workpiece-oriented machine applications fitted to the customer requirement

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Jan 01, 2005· The type of abrasive tape you should use for grinding cranks and cams varies, according to Barton. "From our position it all depends on what is on the machine. Is it a steel, cast iron or nodular iron part? Is it a hardened steel or is it a forged part? Then once you get through the material, what kind of surface are you grinding?

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CNC Cam Lobe Grinding Machine is a very unique and Economical solution for Cam grinding. It is very compact, high precision, very stable for high accuracy production runs of cam shafts with convex and concave cam forms.

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1993 – KOPP began to build camshaft milling and grinding machines. 2000 – KOPP is taken over by REINECKER. In spring 2001, REINECKER KOPP merged with the grinding specialist KARSTENS, to form the EMAG Group's innovative center of excellence for all grinding and combination turning+grinding processes.

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Jun 22, 2007· Either way is difficult, and not many people have experience designing, constructing, or programming asymmetric turning/grinding machines. A good (older) book on cams will show you how to lay out coordinates for a cam though, and you can use that same principle to program an asymmetric machine.

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Aug 29, 2014· The Diamond Grinding Wheels Produced by YingLong SuperHard Materials Manufactory can be used to Grind Camshaft & Crankshaft. Inquiries to: [email protected] [email protected]

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Mar 04, 2013· Andrews Products Landis LT1 CNC cam grinder finishing last 8 lobes on GM small block camshaft. For photo purposes, grinding wheel is not turning and coolant is turned off. The cam grinding is ...

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Camshaft Factory Liquidation Sale We have available for sale a fully automated Camshaft Production Line. The line consists of (12) Landis 3L Camshaft Lobe Grinders, (6) Landis 500 SE Centerless Grinders, (2) Landis 5SE Multi Wheel Grinders, and (4) J.D. Phillips Cam Lobe Milling Machines.


CNC Cam Lobe Grinding Machine is a very unique and Economical solution for Cam grinding. It is very compact, high precision, very stable for high accuracy production runs of cam shafts with convex and concave cam forms.

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19 used Camshaft grinding machines ( 25.06.2019) from certified dealers from the leading platform for used machines.

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The OD/ID grinding machines of the JUCAM series impress with precise grinding results in a single clamping set-up. Thanks to the control system with learning function – with which virtually all disturbing variables are compensated – camshafts, cam pieces and individual cams are given a perfect finish.

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The cam contour, having been propearly determined, is now ready for transposing from the blueprint to the master cam. The master cam is a solid piece of Swedish tool steel,containing the exact lobe configuration and angular displacement of the cam lobes of the product camshaft and is the heart of the cam grinding machine.

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